Decentralized Innovation Ecosystem

XYZ Platform Token Sale

Token Distribution

Token Sale

Token Distribution

Residents in China and USA unable to participate. Unsold tokens are frozen

  • Funding Type: USD or ETH
  • Funding Goal: $3 million USD
  • Max Cap: $10 million USD
  • Tokan Supply: 100 million tokens
  • Available to token sale participants: 70 million tokens
  • Whitelist Date: March 1, 2018
  • Sale Date: April 1, 2018

Use of Funds (XYZ Platform)

  • Legal & Compliance
  • Contingency
  • Marketing & Management
  • Product Build
Token Distribution
The Founders


Startups are hard

There’s so much to do and so little time. Founders can’t do it all themselves, and startups need to pay their growing team and engage external suppliers.

Value isn't realised

There’s so much to do and so little time. Founders can’t do it all themselves, and startups need to pay their growing team and engage external suppliers.

Compliance is challenging

Investment vehicles aren’t well placed to make the move to decentralised currencies due to compliance and regulatory concerns. The result of this is that early stage venture investors aren’t able to access the liquidity that can be offered by a cryptocurrency while retaining equity.

Cryptocurrencies are immature

Regulators and institutional investors are cautious of cryptocurrencies as adhering to the compliance requirements is difficult due in part to a lack of infrastructure allowing vehicles offering equity tokens to control and report on current and new share/unit holders.

The Founders
Token Architecture

what is it


A way to help startups invest in themselves, managing supplier cash-flow and build the future


We invest in startups and help them make the right connections to drive their business forward quickly.


Provide constant liquidity for investors through a vehicle that holds our portfolio to provide for long-term returns.


A token which is backed by an inherent value-exchange, supported by a community and driven by founders. Think Bartercard but with equity.

Crypto Platform

A platform allowing investment vehicles to maintain regulatory compliance

Token Architecture
The Founders

The Team

Andrew McCallum

Andrew McCallum

Managing Partner

Andrew is the Founder of XYZ, and the visionary behind XYZ’s decentralized architecture. Andrew is a lifelong entrepreneur turned early venture investor, his passion has evolved from building his own successful businesses into helping other founders turn their ideas into successful world changing businesses.

Andrew has a background in technology with a focus on building secure, fast and scalable platforms that solve real needs for customers. As an entrepreneur Andrew has built startup businesses from the ground up and taken them all the way through to IPO.

Thierry Boudan Photography,

Tony Singh


Tony is a co-founder of XYZ and brings his experience in building companies and commercialising ideas to XYZ. Tony is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping other founders reach global markets through his experience and networks.

Tony has a background in corporate leadership with a focus on building strong resilient and efficient teams. Tony has founded, built and exited on a number of global startups.

The Founders
Token Roadmap


High Level Roadmap

This is a high level roadmap for the six months post-preICO launch.

March 2018

Initial Discussions (Regulators & Legal)

Informal discussions with regulators to ensure that the XYZ platform addresses existing and growing regulatory and compliance concerns.

April 2018

XYZ Platform Token Sale

Including formal discussions with regulators and scoping of XYZ platform product to ensure that relevant compliance concerns are addressed.

May 2018

Product Build

Build of XYZ Platform to support regulatory compliance and investor liquidity in equity tokens in investment vehicles and funds.

June 2018

XYZ Fund Token Distribution

Distribution of tokens in the first fund (XYZ Fund) listed on XYZ Platform, first regulatory compliant equity tokens issued.

July 2018

1st Investment

Kick-start the ecosystem with the first investment made from an equity token, compliant listed fund.

Token Roadmap